Welcome to the monthly segment I like to call Elsewhere in the Universe! I’ve had similar posts under different names, but I think I now have a permanent name for the segment.

Here I show off news, articles, videos, etc. that I find interesting. Not everything I showcase is stuff I found this month, or even this year. I try to stay professional in the rest of the blog, but in here anything goes!

The Mets Start the 2021 Season

Major League Baseball began their 2021 season this April, and they intend to play a full 162-game season this year. The Mets’ season opening got delayed as their first opponent, the Washington Nationals, reported some personnel had positive COVID tests. This was only one in a series of postponements the team faced over the month of April.

The Mets’ early-season troubles weren’t enough to stop Jacob deGrom from throwing a 15-strikeout, complete-game shutout against the Nationals at the end of the month.

Mets Beer Podcast

Fellow Mets fan Ceetar (who I mentioned in last October’s content roundup) started a podcast called Mets On Tap. He and his co-hosts discuss team matters as well as the various beers they’re drinking. Sometimes they record while a game is in progress, and it’s fun witnessing them react the same way I do when the game takes a certain turn. Give it a listen!

AD BREAK (Not Really)

Hyun’s Dojo (not a sponsor) never fails at making ads.

New Channel Discovered: Sage’s Rain

I checked out videos by Sage’s Rain when they showed up in my recommended feed, and I did not regret making that move. Jump in if you want to hear character analyses on Avatar: The Last Airbender, anime series like Naruto and Attack on Titan, and mainstream Hollywood films while relaxing sounds play in the background.

The Lightning Round

These are things I want to point out, but don’t want to spend more than a couple of sentences on.

  • Lindsay Ellis (who I highlighted last month) got mobbed by Twitter for, like, a lot of stuff. Learn about everything that happened in this video. (Content Warning: all of the content warnings)
  • Security researcher Brian Krebs released his mobile site redesign
  • The wireless accessory company Ubiquiti is being accused of covering up a whistlerblower’s security concerns after the company was hit in a data breach last year.
  • The Ruby library mimemagic got pulled after it was found out that it was using incompatible license structures, affecting many Rails users. The incident was reminiscent of when Azer Koçulu “liberated” the npm package left-pad instead of settling a trademark claim, briefly shutting down several web applications.
  • WayForward director Austin Ivansmith appeared on BrainScratch Commentaries’ second discussion on the Mighty Switch Force games.
  • I’m currently building new YouTube music playlists to play at work: 2021: Life Can’t Wait and Spiffy Jazz Beats to Drink/Brawl To

The Main Event

One thing I like to do while doing chores is re-listen to old podcasts. This month’s highlight is an episode of Team Four Star’s Talkcast Podshow from exactly a year ago.

Listen to TFS members Lanipator, Antfish, and MasakoX discuss the following:

  • Pandemic life right when COVID was in full swing
  • Their thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • A behind-the-scenes look at their web series, Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged (whose finale came out later that year)
  • Other Final Fantasy related memories

Do you have pieces of media you like to revist? Share it online, or read the posts linked below to gain inspiration.

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