In this segment I share interesting things I find on the Internet. Some of this stuff is related to engineering, but this segment is not restricted to that topic. It is mostly a break from the usual tutorials and essays, and it’s also an opportunity to reveal more about what I am like as a person. Expect posts like these to appear once a month.

Super Bowl LV

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for winning this year’s Super Bowl, I guess. Actually, scratch that. I thought I would be cool with either team winning since Tom Brady is no longer with the New England Patriots, but the game’s lopsided outcome made me second guess my position.

At least The Weeknd’s halftime show was entertaining.

And who can forget the commercials? Now that I work at a giant advertising conglomerate it’s exciting to see what my peers are able to come up with. I’ve confirmed at least three Super Bowl commercials were Publicis Groupe creations.

Publicis New York was responsible for the Fiverr ad featuring the owner of Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

According to CNBC, Publicis agency Saatchi & Saatchi worked on Tide’s “Jason Alexander Hoodie” commercial and Toyota’s heartwarming ad featuring Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long.

Pouncey‘s Retirement

After playing for eleven years, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey announced his retirement from the NFL. After being drafted in the first round became the team’s starting center as a rookie and got selected for the NFL’s All-Decade Team. Hopefully he will be remembered for his Hall of Fame-caliber career and not for the bad performance he made in his last NFL game, as I highlighted in last month’s roundup.

Let’s Cut It Short!

…and that’s it for the month! There was one more section I had lined up but it’s large enough to be its own blog post. Plus, I don’t want to bury the lead this for this one. Come back next week when I talk about blogging with my coworkers.