This section was originally going to be a part of last month’s content roundup, but I felt like it was large enough and important enough to move into its own feature. Without further ado…

One of the people who have influenced my writing is Nick Maggiulli, COO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. I first learned about his writing from his appearance on MissBeHelpful’s YouTube channel in 2018.

Nick’s blog, Of Dollars And Data, comes out weekly and addresses various topics related to personal finance and investing. He has a very down-to-earth writing style, and he’s able to back up his arguments with real data. Nick serves as a comforting counterpoint against some of the more bombastic personalities who are preachy about their particular investing style. His writing is a great supplement to enhance your understanding of finance after you’ve graduated from the more basic material out there.

It turns out Nick is not the only writer at Ritholtz Wealth Management. Here are some of the other blogs featured on RWM’s homepage:

This ecosystem is different from running a corporate blog. Unlike companies, individal bloggers can choose what topics to write about and they are not constrained by their employer’s businees objectives. Each writer is able to retain their own identity.

Blogging With Peers

While unintentionally, our team has started doing the same thing. My manager has always encouraged us to blog, but we’ve never really done it all together at the same time until now. Hopefully our team continues to write weekly or at least somewhat regularly. It provides a great opportunity to share knowledge and play off each other’s ideas.

Anyway, here’s the current lineup:

  • Andrew, my manager, has blogged the longest our of all of us and he usually writes about running a team with DevOps methologies.
  • Esther, one of our developers, provides her perspective as a newer engineer.
  • JJ, another developer, recently started writing about programming in Rails.

This model should be more widespread in the industry, but it’s not something I see very often. The closest thing I could think of is the tag team of Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood of Stack Overflow fame, but it’s been a long time since they’ve last worked together. If you have a team of engineers that run their own blog, please let me know!