Today marks the 55th straight week publishing a blog post, starting with No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders last June. This means I’ve been doing this for over a year.

Here are some highlights from the past year:

The streak took a lot of work to maintain, and I’m proud to have reached this milestone. However, I will be posting less often from now on. I’m not sure about the frequency, but it will likely not be weekly anymore.

It was a huge commitment hitting these weekly deadlines, putting all of my focus on whatever I could deliver that particular weekend. Despite my efforts I was unable to speed up the process, nor was I able to build a backlog of content. Over time it was clear I had to make a decision: continue weekly blog posts at the expense of everything else, or to look for more fruitful endeavors.

I’ll use the weekend of the 17th to take time off; afterwards, I’ll return to projects I’ve put on the backburner. These initiatives require a larger investment, but will hopefully yield greater returns. Stay tuned for updates.