Whenever I post on Twitter I want to spend as little time on the platform as possible. It goes without saying that it’s a huge timesink reading all of the conversations that appear on my feed. That’s even before taking “doomscrolling“ into account, and I don’t want to subject myself to that anxiety either.

It’s not like users want my input anyway. If they cared about what I have to say they would just send me a DM.

So, how do I avoid the Twitter death spiral? I’ve heard before that I could just automate my tweets by using a third-party service. But I feel like that’s a potential attack vector, and I want one less thing to manage. So this solution is completely manual.

First, you’ll need to do this on a browser. The Twitter app is designed to keep you in as long as possible, and that means sending you to the home feed every time you start the app. Instead, you’ll want to have your profile page bookmarked (like I have for mine) and use that as a starting point every time you visit Twitter. If you’re not logged in, you can log in and Twitter will still redirect you to your profile.

Granted, you’ll still see the recommended topics on the side of your profile. You could try and hide that section using a browser plugin, but honestly I ignore that section all the time so I don’t need to put any effort to avoid it.

Hopefully this prevents you from being bogged down with distractions the next time you visit the platform.